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Marble 3 set Resistance Bands.

High quality, levels Light, Medium & Heavy will take your glute, leg and whole body training to the next level! 

Add in abdominal and arm workouts for a complete body workout.

Mesh carry bag included.

Rubber backing design so no slipping, pinching, rolling or breaking.

The perfect accessory to add to your home or gym workout to really fast track your way to a lifted, toned and sculpted booty, increased abdominal strength and arms.

Our quality bands will help you isolate and activate to build your BEST glutes and legs and they are on point in the fashion department too!

​Also great to use for more activation of specific muscle groups to prevent injuries

With three different sizes, resistance and thickness you will have everything you need to target every angle, Strong glutes prevent injury, build a strong base for spine and pelvic support, burn calories and look great!

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